Don't flood your timelime with your mlm products and opportunity… This might blow your mind!

Your upline is telling you to do the same thing they are tell everyone else in your company to do. Every other network marketing company is feeding the same information down their pipelines.

-Make a list of 100+ people

-Do 3 way calls

-Have home parties

-Post on social media

-Set up shop in your neighborhood cafe

-Talk to every person you see

-Promote, promote, promote.

I'm not saying those methods don't work.  And I'm not telling you to be a total rebel and ignore your upline, but I am going to point out a few things for you to make your own judgment.

4 Reasons You Should Not Post Your MLM on Social Media


There are thousands of network marketing and direct sales companies and hundreds of thousands of network marketing reps on social media. 95% of those reps are all doing the same thing… spamming their friends and followers with products, opportunities and long shot in a bucket dreams. What's going to make you different? What will make you stand out from the others? It is very possible, and common, for a potential prospect to see your posts… over and over… scroll past it, then see your product on Amazon and buy from there. Even worse, they could see someone selling it in a flea market, buy from them, and post pics of themselves using it.  And where does that leave you frustrated and disgusted!! (Been there. Done that.)


Nothing is stopping someone from seeing your product or business in your Instagram timeline then heading over to Google. Who knows what they'll find! Maybe bad reviews. Salty reps that thought they would get rich quick without any work. Now they're completely turned off from your company and products. But they may see great things. Like someone else closer to them selling your product at a lower price. Or someone presenting your opportunity in a way that appeals to them better than you did. Uh-huh. Another one bites the dust. Why create competition for yourself. Say it with me, “Thank you Google. Thank you YouTube.”


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And then what happens if you decide to leave the company? It looks like something is wrong with the company or products. You look like you didn't fully believe in what you were selling. And then if you join another company… “here comes Judy with another one of those things”.


Why did you open your social media account? Really. Why did you get on Facebook in the first place? Was it to buy some lotions, potions, and creams out of somebody's garage? Or was it to connect with friends and family, possibly meet some new people?

Chances are you're just like everyone else on there. You're there to connect… to be SOCIAL. Hence the term SOCIAL media.  When you are turning their social experience into a commercial for your company, you are earning the title – spammer. Put the shoe on the other foot. How would you feel if 3 – 5 people showed up in your time line every time you logged on trying to sell you something or posting money stacks trying to lure you into their opportunities?  (Irritated… *eye rolling*)

I've laid it all out there for you.  If you feel the methods you're using aren't giving you the results you desire, read on for some tips on what you SHOULD be doing….

Peace and Love.


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