Have you ever reached that point where you're just stuck?  You've accomplished all that you can for the moment.  You want to grow.  Expansion and success is just around the bend.  But it seems like you just can't get to it.  What's holding you back?  It's like you've hit an imaginary brick wall.

Very simply, the only thing holding you back is YOU.  You have reached the edge of your self image.   You are only as successful as you can see yourself.  Have you even seen yourself handling 7 figure contracts?  Can you see yourself as a network marketer with 1,000 people in your downline?  Can you picture yourself on stage changing the lives of hundreds?  Thousands?

You have a plan.  You know what you need to do.  Success is just out of reach.  All you have to do is follow the plan.  But you aren't doing it.  Why?  What is this resistance?

Why am I resisting doing the very thing that I know, if I did consistently over the next 90 days, will change my life and/or business drastically?

You're resisting the next step. You're resisting success.  But Why?


Fear of rejection.  Fear of criticism.  Fear of failure.

Your self image is as much your limiting factor as it your biggest asset.  Fortunately, you can eliminate fear by following these tips to improve your self image.

Improve Your Self Image & Eliminate Fear

A.  Monitor your self talk.  Pay attention to the things you are saying to yourself.  Are you constantly motivating yourself and affirming your abilities? Or are you constantly doubting yourself?  Most commonly I hear people say things like I'm not as good as they are.  They succeed because they have more experience.  You're basically telling yourself that you are not worthy of success and that you can't win because you're new.  Neither of those are true unless you continue to say and believe it.

B.  Who are you surrounding yourself with?  You surrounding need to reflect where you are going.  You can not move forward being surrounded by Negative Nancy's draining your momentum.  If you want to win, hang with winners.  If you don't know any personally, we're all over the internet ready to welcome you into our world. 🙂

C.  Who/ What are you reading or listening to?  Personal development is a much when striving for success. Even once you've reached your goals, you must never stop learning.  Continue to feed your mind and soul with words of inspiration and improvement.

D.  Pick something small to do consistently for the next 30 days.  It can be something as simple as making your bed, reading your mail, or posting on Facebook. The idea is to train your brain to trust yourself.  First you handle something small, then you can trust yourself to do bigger things.

Apply these tips to build your self image… to tear down that brick wall of fear… to step into your success.  You deserve it.  You are worthy.   Your success is in your hands.

Peace and love.

P. S.

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See you at the top! 😉

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