So many people want to write a blog but don't know where to start.  Then there are other's that are curious about blogging but aren't sure what blogging is all about or why they should even put forth the effort.

Why you should blog

  1. Educate or entertain your audience.
  2. Build authority
  3. Generate leads
  4. Create another income stream

What should you write about?

  1. What your audience needs/wants to know
  2. What you are passionate about

It really doesn't matter what industry you're in or what your interests are. Take Shawn, for example, he's an outdoorsman from Florida that's chasing his life's passions on the mountain trails of the Midwest.  So what's his “Smart Lad” blog about? Outdoor equipment, of course! What works and what doesn't. He's wasted a lot of time and money on “stuff” to enhance his adventures, so now he's saving us the trouble of trial and error.  If you were going tree climbing, would you not want to get the best equip available or just pick the coolest color of some junk that could send you plummeting 50 feet.

So you see… you have something to offer the world. Something to inspire someone and possibly save a life. Don't be selfish and hoard your information. Start a blog!


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Peace & Love

Takia D. Hansley

P. S.

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