So let's review

First, what's the cause of your overwhelm? Frustration with the present, confusion, lack… all things we have the power to change. We feel these emotions because we have continued to tell ourselves that's what it should be. When you are faced with a new challenge or learning something new, are you saying, “Wow! This is exciting! I love accomplishing new things”? Or are you saying, “Ah man! This looks so difficult. I don't think I'll be able to do this. I'm not smart enough, or techie enough, to master something like that.”? Remember, success is only 20% work and 80% mindset.

We've pointed out some key things you should recognize when taking on new things:

1 – It's not the activity; it's the habit. The main thing is to remain consistent.

2 – It's not them; it's you. Take personal responsibility for every win and loss.

3 – It's not the method; it's the attitude. There are successes in every company, using one or more of every strategy. Therefore, they all work. You just have to have the right attitude and mindset to get yourself to the top.

This may all seem a little forward, maybe even scary. However, there is light.

You can change.

To Un-Program Your Frustration

1 – Change your attitude and your habits.  Monitor what you are telling yourself. Then change it. You will notice, once you start telling yourself more positive affirming things, your attitude will begin to shift. And everything around you will being to shift into alignment with your new positive lane. Tasks won't seem as difficult. Life won't be so hard.

Start with some of these affirmations.

I am incredible. I am intelligent.

I am a fast learner. I am powerful.

I am successful. I am fired up!

I reach my goals. I am worthy!

With a change in attitude you will also need a change in your habits. You have to start behaving like the you that you aspire to be. Not just for a day, but make it a habit to consistently do the things that future you, greater you, will do.

2 – Don't just apply these concepts to your business. These are life lessons. Expand and grow your entire life. Look at your home, your family, and your relationships with a new set of eyes. You can be a success in more that just your business. I deserve a whole, complete life.

3 – Change is completely up to you. Either you're going to change or you're going to stay the same. It's your call. (no explanation needed)

I hope you have gained a new understanding and a fresh outlook on frustrations and overwhelm in your business and life. You now have to tools to eliminate overwhelm and achieve success. Share his information and sew a seed into someone else who may be struggling with overwhelm so they too can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Peace and Love.

P. S.

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