Most people train their brains not to trust them.

“I'm confused.  I'm frustrated.  I don't get it. This is too hard…”

The first person that hears what you say is you.  When you keep telling yourself over and over how frustrated, overwhelmed, and unhappy you are, you give yourself no choice but to continue to find more frustration, overwhelm, and unhappiness.  You are constantly programming yourself with what you say to yourself.

In the same way you attract frustration and overwhelm, you can attract ease and clarity.  You just have to learn to change your mental behaviors.  There a few basic things you may have to accept in order to change.

3 Basic Ideals You Must Accept In Order To Change

#1 – It's not them; it's you.  This sounds harsh I know, but though the truth hurts… The truth will set you free.  Honestly, if you keep finding yourself in situations where you can't get it together because this other person or another is in the way.  Maybe your sponsor didn't help you build your business.  Nobody taught you how to market online.  Someone else pitched to your cousins first.  (Normally I could go on for days with these examples but that I've got today.) You get my point though.  These are all common situations where someone else can catch the blame for your failure or mishap.

However, it's your life.  You have to take the blame.  Bite the bullet, and accept responsibility for the things that aren't going right.  If your sponsor didn't help you, I'm sorry to hear that.  That's not their responsibility though.  You're building a business.  That usually requires some research and sweat equity.  In any of my examples, I could point out where you would be at the root.  So just remember, the first step is the hardest… Take responsibility.

#2- It's not the activity; it's the habit.  When you commit to making a change, are you going for long term transformation or just pushing through for the moment?  Now don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with an occasional blitz to boost momentum.  However, if real change is your goal, you're going to have to change your habits.  If you have a habit of getting a coke and a candy bar from the vending machine everyday at break time (one of my old terrible habits) and that doesn't line up with when you're taking your health, you need to make it a habit to pack a bag of almonds and a bottle of water every morning.  Not just once or twice a week…. everyday.  Consistency is key.

When I first started blogging it was just an activity I was told to do.  So I did it…Once a week, when I felt inspired.  Now I have committed to making blogging a habit. I write a blog post everyday.  Some don't get posted right away for one reason or another (usually waiting on a graphic), but I make sure I write.  I'm trying to make a lasting change in my life, business, bank account. 😉

#3 – It's not the method; it's the attitude.  Especially in our line of business (network marketing), there are so many different strategies to reach a common end… get more leads. Should I do this  strategy (Twitter) or that hot new strategy (video marketing)?  Should I hangout at the coffee shop looking for random people to talk to or prospect online? Guess what.  It doesn't matter.  They all work.  The key is to pick a strategy and master it with a strong attitude.

You must express an attitude of mastery. Are you giving 110 percent in this area?  Are you adding value to yourself by studying, practicing being coachable, and reading for personal development?  Make it so that you have to complete your task.  Your body won't let you sleep until you've finished. (Like this blog post I'm just finishing at 12:45 a.m.) Mastery.

You know what you need to fix.  Come back tomorrow to find out how.  All it takes is one small adjustment and a little inspiration… Coming Soon.

Peace and Love.

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