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by Takia D. Hansley (Your Guide To Working From Homeschool)

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mak sales using Facebook groups

How To Make Sales Using Facebook Group Challenges

Today's #JustAskTakia video addresses leveraging the closed group function within Facebook to capture leads and make sales using Facebook group challenges.  The example I use is health and wellness, but this strategy can be successfully applied to any industry. 

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sales for your health and wellness business from Facebook

How To Make Sales For Your Health and Wellness Business From Facebook

Everyone says Facebook is the place to be if you're in network marketing. So why isn't working for you? Why aren't you making sales from all of these people on your friends list and timeline?

Maybe. Just maybe… You're not doing right. And that's okay. We can fix it.

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Home Business Owner Spotlights

On Facebook everyday I meet amazing home business owners in various industries.  Most are network marketers.  Some have used their start in network marketing to propel home businesses.  Last week, I interviewed five home business owners and gave them the floor.  I offered them an opportunity to discuss their businesses in their own words in front of my social media audiences.

You know how occasionally, a friend will say, “Hey, could you show your support for my business by allowing me post my company promotion on your timeline? (Maybe in exchange for a free sample)”.  Maybe you've been that. It's okay.  I have, too.  Well, this was similar, in reverse, with magic pixie dust sprinkled on top.

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Spotlight on Sarah Cole

What a way to finish the week! Sarah Cole is an amazing mom rocking out her home business. I had the opportunity to interview her and her youngest daughter, Olivia.  Sarah is recently launched a new course and mentoring program for moms just like us.

Check out our conversation below.

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Spotlight on Karlene Chinapoo

It was a complete joy chatting with Karlene Chinapoo.  She is so passionate about her home business.  You'll be blown away as Karlene shares her personal connection to her company.

Check out her business and her story below.

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