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How To Get Leads And Sales From Facebook Groups

Are you posting in a ton of Facebook groups everyday but getting about a lead a week?  What the heck? How can that many people be in those groups and only one out of thousands care to check out your offer? Let's take a look at what you're doing and how we can get you some better results… actual leads and sales from Facebook groups!

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mak sales using Facebook groups

How To Make Sales Using Facebook Group Challenges

Today's #JustAskTakia video addresses leveraging the closed group function within Facebook to capture leads and make sales using Facebook group challenges.  The example I use is health and wellness, but this strategy can be successfully applied to any industry. 

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sales for your health and wellness business from Facebook

How To Make Sales For Your Health and Wellness Business From Facebook

Everyone says Facebook is the place to be if you're in network marketing. So why isn't working for you? Why aren't you making sales from all of these people on your friends list and timeline?

Maybe. Just maybe… You're not doing right. And that's okay. We can fix it.

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How to Remove Friends On Facebook

Every user on Facebook has a limit of 5,000 friends.  That's a lot of friends. How many friends are in constant contact with in real life? 5,000?

Better yet, how many Facebook friends do you really care to be in contact with? Are you seeing posts from people that annoy you? Maybe. Maybe not. But maybe you're meeting new people but have reached your friend limit. Now would be a great time to clean up your friend list and remove friends that aren't even close to being your real friends. And you don't have to go to each individual profile to do it. Nor do you have to buy some crazy expensive software. This hack is actually free!

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better posts

6 Tips to Better Social Media Posts For Your Business

As we established before, we don't want to post our products and business opportunities all over our timelines.  Social media is designed to be a social experience.  You can improve your whole social media presence by switching to better posts. Here are some tips to help you still produce results in a social setting without sticking out like a sore thumb.

6 Tips To Better Posts

Your post should always join into the social conversation versus interrupt it.  Instead of becoming the timeline commercial, prompt your viewers to LIKE, CLICK, SHARE, etc. Not BUY or JOIN. 

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