Everyone is searching for the secret to success.  Why do some people have success while others continue to struggle? There has to be some sort of secret, rt? If Oprah Winfrey and Colonel Sanders can create success from nothing, why haven't I?  What's the secret sauce to creating success?

We are all human and put our pants on one leg at a time, but you're right; there is one variable that differentiates those that win from those that don't.YOU.  You are the variable in the story. There are tons of rags to riches stories lived out everyday.  They all follow generally the same storyline.  Rough childhood, fired from jobs, foreclosure, failed at their first or first five businesses, now they are living the life of their dreams with financial freedom and abundance.  The stories are the same but the individuals are not.  So what the difference between them and you?  That's the ultimate secret….


How much belief do you really have in yourself?  Do you really believe you can achieve your goals? Do you honestly think you have what it takes to be successful?  If you can't answer those 3 questions with a genuine positive response, you need to increase your belief in yourself.

5 Ways to Increase Your BELIEF

#1-  Accept your uniqueness.  You are not Oprah. You are not Steve Jobs. You are YOU.  And that is PERFECT.  Everything unique about you makes you special.

#2-  Stop trying to please everybody.  There will always be people that don't like what you do.  Especially as you grow and become the best version of yourself, you will leave some people behind.  Everyone will not understand your hustle and motivation.  That's okay. We all grow at different rates with different motivation.  And there will also be people that don't want you to succeed.  Don't let them steal your victory.  If you continue to try to please them and put their happiness before your own, you are just giving your victory away.

#3-  Take challenges head on until completion.  On your success journey, I can guarantee you will come across obstacles.  Don't let that stop you.  Take them head on. Be stubborn about your success!  If you get (bad word alert) frustrated or (another potty word) overwhelmed, don't be discouraged. Take a coffee break and get back to it. Be stubborn as a mule on a hot day. It's your victory, your win, your success…. GO GET IT!

#4-  Keep learning and growing.  There is always something new you can be learning either to better your skillset or you as a person.  Take time out of each day to learn something new.  Also invest time into your personal development. I am a firm believer in growing your mind and building your potential to improve the probability of your success. Hence, my tagline: “Build you… then your business.”  Your personal growth will dictate your professional development.  You can work from sun up to sun down building someone else's dream if you don't have to mindset of a person that realizes their ability to dream and build for themselves.

#5-  Get around people with similar dreams and goals.  You need to be around like-minded people to help empower you when the naysayers pop up… and they will.  There really is truth to the saying “there's power in numbers”.  Whatever company you are in, make some friends, build some relationships.  You can build relationships with people in other companies within your niche as well.  The best people for network marketers to hang around are other network marketers. Why? Network marketers belief in personal development, and we belief in going against the grain.  No one understands the perseverance it takes to be successful in an mlm like someone that's on that same journey.

I believe I you.  You now have the tools to increase your belief in you too.

Peace and love.

P. S.

I have found a community of network marketers in different companies and niches that not only think like me, and have the same goals I have, but they are supportive and encouraging.  I'm in a community built by network marketers, for network marketers.  We build leaders through education and personal development and nurture dreams into reality. If support is something you're lacking or just searching for a better way, we welcome you to join our community.

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