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by Takia D. Hansley (Your Guide To Working From Homeschool)

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winning numbers

Know Your Winning Numbers

Math rules the universe.  If you beg to differ, I'm sorry to disappoint you.   Almost every phenomenon in this universe can be quantified.  You may not understand the depth of the mathematics, but that doesn't mean it's not true.  Yes, even the success and failure of business…. Prime example: the stock market.

But today I want to share with you the logistics of marketing your home business.  Most of my readers are network marketers so, lucky you, you get to be the example today.  Let's walk through your numbers…

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elevator pitch

Deliver A Winning Introduction

How to write a great Elevator Pitch (with examples)

As network marketers, we are in the business of meeting people. So when we hear about a networking event or opportunity, we're the firsts in line! Today I am going to teach you how to make the best impression at a networking event with your 30 second elevator pitch for any type of business.

Adults have a short attention span you want to say everything in 30 seconds or less with ease. You would be surprised how long 30 seconds actually is so you want to be as informative and interesting as possible.  The idea is to make them hungry for more.

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Basic terms

Network Marketing Basic Terms

When you are brand new to network marketing there are a few words that may be a little foreign to you. As your leaders are speaking and trying to lead you to the next level, are you getting a little hung on the industry jargon if you don't know these basic terms.  When you don't quite understand the language of network marketing, you sometimes miss the point of what they are teaching.  If your mind is focused on the context clues, you're only getting little nuggets when your leaders could be dropping whole bars of information.

I don't want you to get lost in the sauce day 1, let's get you caught up on the jargon, you'll be a pro in no time(or at least sounding like one).

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build your mlm online

How to Effectively Build Your MLM Online

Assuming you've already read my reasons for why you should not post your mlm products and opportunity on your social media, you may be wondering what to post.  How can you reach the masses?  How will your friends and followers know you want them to buy and join if you're not constantly reminding them?  Most simply put, outsmart them.  Follow these 3 extremely simple tips to effectively post online and watch the leads line up, sales roll in, and new reps line up.

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you should not post your mlm

Why You Should Not Post Your MLM Online

Don't flood your timelime with your mlm products and opportunity… This might blow your mind!

Your upline is telling you to do the same thing they are tell everyone else in your company to do. Every other network marketing company is feeding the same information down their pipelines.

-Make a list of 100+ people

-Do 3 way calls

-Have home parties

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