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by Takia D. Hansley (Your Guide To Working From Homeschool)

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mak sales using Facebook groups

How To Make Sales Using Facebook Group Challenges

Today's #JustAskTakia video addresses leveraging the closed group function within Facebook to capture leads and make sales using Facebook group challenges.  The example I use is health and wellness, but this strategy can be successfully applied to any industry. 

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sales for your health and wellness business from Facebook

How To Make Sales For Your Health and Wellness Business From Facebook

Everyone says Facebook is the place to be if you're in network marketing. So why isn't working for you? Why aren't you making sales from all of these people on your friends list and timeline?

Maybe. Just maybe… You're not doing right. And that's okay. We can fix it.

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My Lead System Pro Review

In September 2015, I was in a network marketing company and looking for help to build my business.  I came across My Lead System Pro and in this video, I'm sharing my story and my experience with the system. I also share why, in my opinion, so many people hate the system.

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pillars os maketing

7 Pillars of Marketing

Marketing can sometimes seem to be this serious, mysterious task that involves all sorts of mind tricks and NLP hacks.  That's all cool, but honestly, there are 7 pillars of marketing…. SEVEN.

Each pillar, of course can be delved into quite deeply, but today I want to give you the general idea of each pillar.

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attraction marketing

What is Attraction Marketing?

Most marketers lead with their business opportunity and product or service.  This method is not a good match for industries that are based on people.  People buy from people. And attraction marketing, in a nutshell, is advertising/or promotion that attracts prospects to you that already want you have to offer.

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