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“Un-program” Your Frustration (part 1)

Most people train their brains not to trust them.

“I'm confused.  I'm frustrated.  I don't get it. This is too hard…”

The first person that hears what you say is you.  When you keep telling yourself over and over how frustrated, overwhelmed, and unhappy you are, you give yourself no choice but to continue to find more frustration, overwhelm, and unhappiness.  You are constantly programming yourself with what you say to yourself.

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Your 1st Quarter Forecast

Where are you going from here?

So yesterday was Groundhog Day. The good towns people say Phil, the groundhog, determined we'll have an early Spring.  Tell me, do you believe the whole story of the groundhog?  You know, if he comes out and sees his shadow, he fearfully returns to hibernation.  So we have another 6 weeks of winter.  If he doesn't, it means we'll have an early Spring.

Well, I don't believe it. However I do enjoy the whole cuteness of the concept for the kids.  As an adult I know the behind the scenes of such holidays. Its quite brilliant.  Basically, the town leaders are well prepared and rather groundhogcalculated.  They study almanacs of past patterns and make predictions accordingly.  But note that they aren't just studying weather patterns; they're studying economic patterns also.  At the end of the day, how will the weather affect our bottom line?  Poor Phil has nothing to do with it.  We just like him because he's cute… I guess.

The powers that be (town leaders) have proclaimed an early Spring so we'll all follow the economic trend and subconsciously prepare to get out and shop, invest, and travel (notice the increase in gas prices in the coming months).  This recent blizzard has put many people in a slump.  Retailers and producers as well as consumers are anxious to get out and welcome Spring and all the spending that will come with it.

Now since I prefer to focus on you, how will the weather affect your bottom line?  In the past, how has the weather affected your work ethic?  Do you tend to work extra hard in winter months so you can splurge your time in the Spring, taking advantage of the nice weather? Or do you go into entrepreneurial hibernation during the cold winter months and go into beast mode through the warmer seasons?  Maybe you ride the high of New Year's productivity right into Spring so you can really enjoy the Summer.

Well, it is now a month into the new year.  Did you set new goals?  Do you remember them? Are you still actively working toward them?   Let this be your reminder.  If you want massive results, you gotta take massive action.

You are the town leaders, the powers that be.  You are in control of your business, your finances, your personal economic morale.  You must make a decision, a proclamation.  Six more weeks of winter or an early Spring?

Peace & Love

P.S. I know I asked a lot of questions today.  I want you to really take a moment to think about your answers.  Write them down.  Share them in the comments.  Let today be the day you proclaim your next level.

Surfer Life

Are you a surfer or a spectator?

Surfers are in the water every chance they get.  Spectators are watching in awe of the surfers' courage and skill.

Most people treat their business opportunities, and life, like they're  spectators.  You stand on the shore and watch life happen for others; success, commissions, raises, referrals… life.  All the while, you're thinking of excuses why these great things, life, isn't happening for you.  “They're so lucky.  They've always had money.  They just know the right people.  I'm too busy.  I have kids.  They already had a following.”

Does that spectator feeling resonate with you?  Is that how you see the leaders in your company?  Yes?  Then you're still on the beach with your shades on watching the surfers enjoy life.  Well, let me ask you a question.  What's keeping YOU from getting in the water?

All the excuses you give for why they're surfing (living/succeeding) instead of you are all just that… excuses.  They're silly ideas in your head that you use to justify your own shortcomings.  In business, and life, those shortcomings are simply mindset adjustments.  Success is a mindset just like failure.

Think about it like this… Surfers aren't born on the board in the middle of the ocean. They all started on the shore at some point.  The difference is that they got in the water.

What surfers do (that you should be doing)

They got a board. You can do that. Most likely you already have.  Think of the board as the vehicle to your success.  You can't be a surfer without a surf board. My surf board is my mlm (network marketing opportunity). What is your income vehicle of choice?

They got a coach and took lessons.  You can do that.  No one makes it to the top alone.  If you ask anyone that's made it to 6- or 7-figure status, they'll tell you that they latched on to a mentor that showed them the ropes.  Someone who taught them discipline and prepared them for ups and downs of success.  A mentor will not only give you the basic how-to's, they'll give you that extra push to keep you going.

They learned to paddle and kick. You can do that.  Every surfer has to paddle and kick their way out into the ocean to get to the gnarly waves they want to ride. They ride those waves in, back to the shore where they do what? Paddle and kick their way right back out to ride the next wave.  That paddle and kick is your consistent daily actions to get you to success.  Although it seems fairly simple, it can be quite daunting at first. Regardless, you have to get through it consistently.  You have to constantly prospect for new customers, write blog posts, post to social media, make videos, or whatever your medium of choice. That's the only way to get to the big waves.

They surf! You can do that.  When those beautiful waves of success roll in, you have to ride them! Ride them with posture and integrity.  The longevity of your success will be determined by how long you “stay in the zone”.  In the zone you are focused. Your mind is clear.  You don't see anything but success.  When you're in the zone, it's impossible to think about any problems; lack, mortgage, past failures, or fears.  The moment you lose focus, you wipeout.

They learned resilience.  When the wave washes them in, they get back on the board and go right back out.  Can you do that?  Can you get pass your fears and failures?  Can you take that initial leap of faith to get in the water? What if  it doesn't work and you wipeout?  Will you be able to start over consistently paddling and kicking and putting yourself out there?  The big kahuna is coming. Be ready.  Paddle, paddle. Kick, kick.

You can't ride the wave if you never get in the water.

Peace and Love.

If you are looking for a board/opportunity or coaching on the how-to's click here to learn marketing techniques to explode your business.

sample vision board

How to host a vision board party

Let's start with why I chose to host a vision board party.  Three nights a week I get together with the same group of women waiting on our daughters during dance class.  Over the past two years, these women have become my friends.  We share what's going on in our lives, the ups and downs. We normally just sit around talking for two hours; offering advice on life, parenting, and everything else.

Personally, I've been really focusing on goal setting and achievement for some time now. More recently,  I've been trying to find ways to share with the masses what I've learned through studies and experience.  What better place to start than with a group of intelligent, loving, like minded women I want to see thrive in life?

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dream big

Law of Attraction

What is the law of attraction?

Have you ever felt like you were having the worst day ever? From the moment you woke up, nothing went your way.  You hit snooze one time too many.  Now you're rushing.  Frustrated.  You can't find your left shoe.  Now traffic is backed up.  You barely make it to work on time only to find out your assistant is out sick.  Now there's a meeting with your boss about the report you left on your coffee table… at home. Will this day ever end?

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