Are you that person?  You know… that person that always looks at other people's success and says, “That never happens for me.” or “They're so lucky. They excel because they have years of experience.” “I never win anything.”

Well when is the last time you tried to win something?  When is the last time you tried something new?   Are you ignoring opportunity after opportunity and you don't even know it?

Opportunity is knocking but you have your surround sound on so loud you don't hear the knock at the door.  Your surround sound is the noise of your past, frustration, fear, and negative thoughts cluttering your brain.  Adding to that noise is the problems of your current circumstances and situations and all your complaints about life.   It's no wonder you keep overlooking opportunities.  The more you are focusing on problems, the more problems you will have. However, the more you focus on possibilities, the more opportunities you will see.  So how can you change things?  Recognize the opportunities before you…

How to recognize opportunities

  1.  Be grateful. In all things be grateful.  Show gratitude for your current life and everything in it.  Also be grateful for everything in your past, good and bad, that has gotten you to this point.

2.  Identify and reject your limiting beliefs.  Your limiting beliefs are those thought that are rooting in your brain that tell you everything you can't do, don't know, aren't good enough for, or don't deserve.

My biggest limiting belief was that I didn't deserve success.  I was comparing myself and my efforts with other people. I believed that because, even though I was working hard on my own path, I wasn't doing exactly what they were doing so I didn't deserve the success that they had.  But the minute I realized that as a limiting belief and rejected that as truth, I was free to succeed in my business. I saw things change and opportunities arise right before my eyes.

I'm here to tell you that you CAN do it. You DO know. You ARE good enough. And you DESERVE better!

3.  Look for problems.  (Keep in mind, looking for problems is not the same as focusing on your problems.)  There is a solution to every problem. So in the midst of every problem, there's opportunity to be the solution.  So look for problem so you can be the solution… hence your opportunity!  Problem… Solution… Opportunity.

4.  Accept imperfection.  Sometimes your opportunity will come to you in way that leaves you with questions.  You may not see how you can make it happen at the moment. Richard Branson says, (and I love this quote) “When an opportunity comes, just say YES and figure out how later.”

5.  Appreciate failure. Each failure of your past has been a learning experience.  Every lesson learned nurtures your growth.  the more you grow the better you get.  The better you get, the closer you move to success.  And have you ever considered timing as a factor in your failure?  Maybe you just weren't ready yet when you failed in the past.  Now that you have had that experience, you have learned from it and grown into the person you are today.  The person that is smarter and better and ready for a new opportunity.

All in all, you have to remember that God will supply the opportunity. It's up to you to do something with it.

Peace and love.

P. S.

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