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by Takia D. Hansley (Your Guide To Working From Homeschool)

elevator pitch

Deliver A Winning Introduction

How to write a great Elevator Pitch (with examples)

As network marketers, we are in the business of meeting people. So when we hear about a networking event or opportunity, we're the firsts in line! Today I am going to teach you how to make the best impression at a networking event with your 30 second elevator pitch for any type of business.

Adults have a short attention span you want to say everything in 30 seconds or less with ease. You would be surprised how long 30 seconds actually is so you want to be as informative and interesting as possible.  The idea is to make them hungry for more.

  1.  Start with the END in mind. What is your purpose for introducing yourself? What do you want to out this conversation?

(usually to get their phone number and/or email…. a lead)

2.  Instead of saying ‘what you are', say ‘what you DO‘. What exactly do you do that can benefit your prospect? Keep in mind people are all tuned in to the same station, WII-FM (What's In It For Me?) They have no desire to continue listening if what you do doesn't benefit them. So lead with the problem you solve as a connecting point.

No –  “I am a songwriter.”
Yes –  “I write personalized love songs for weddings.”

3.  Tell what makes you SPECIAL. Wow them with something memorable that relates to your purpose. Why should they give you their time?

No –  “My company is the fastest growing company in the country.”
Yes –  “Two to three people join my team each week from Facebook and I never mention my company.”

4.  Briefly tell your biggest ACCOMPLISHments. Have you been in your position or industry for a long period of time? Are you a published writer? Share any awards or recognitions you may have received.

No –  “I'm the best party planner in the city.”
Yes –  “I've been featured in the Top 5 Party Planners in Baltimore's Best magazine 2 years in a row.”

5.  Make the CONNECTION. If your goal is to turn this prospect into a lead, get their phone number or email.

No –  “Here's my card.  Call me when you have a minute to talk.”
Yes –  “If this all makes sense to you, I can give you a call this week to see if it's a good fit for you right now.”

So as you see, regardless of your niche, these elements combine to make a compelling elevator pitch.  i made up a little saying to help me remember the key elements:  “Start at the END to DO something SPECIAL and ACCOMPLISH the CONNECTION.”

And in case you were waiting for me to answer the “What do you do?” question…

I show network marketers how to market online without being a spam monster. Without even mentioning my company name, I get leads and sales for my mlm everyday from Facebook. I have helped others in various businesses in different countries around the world do the same.  If that sounds good to you I'd like to schedule a free consultation with you.

What do you typically say when someone ask “What do you do?” What changes will you be making to your elevator pitch?  Leave your thoughts below.

Peace and Love.

P. S.

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