So I made the statement on a Midday Motivation video that “Being broke is selfish… If you monetize your talents, there is no reason you should not have money to live.”

In response there's the notion “Life isn't all about money. You should help people for free.”

Here are 2 reasons you should get paid for your talents.


It IS okay to help people for free and expect nothing in return. Sure you should do pro-Bono work. But not all the time. Here's the thing… You have to understand that you are valuable. Your talents are valuable. Your time is valuable. And you are WORTHY of compensation for sharing your time and a part of yourself with others.

Other people see the value in your talents. Otherwise they wouldn't want your service. The problem comes in at payment. If you don't see your value, you won't feel comfortable asking for payment and they won't want to pay you. But the kicker is if you aren't charging people for sharing your gifts with them, someone else, who knows their value, will charge them and get paid with no problem and no second thoughts about it.


You also want to be the best you can be. When you're better, you can provide better service and give even more. If you want to improve yourself and develop your talents, you have to invest in yourself. You have to invest money and time for resources for your personal development. Is it not smart to defer those costs to those who are benefiting from your service?

To become a doctor you would have to invest years of your life and thousands of dollars in your education. Then you would have to constantly take classes and trainings to stay updated on new procedures and information to best serve your patients. I haven't seen a doctor that hesitates to send a bill.

Here's an even better example, Social media rules and algorithms are constantly changing. If you were to hire a marketing coach to develop your social media marketing strategies over the next 90 days, would you not want that person to be current on the strategies and platforms they're guiding you through? These in-depth trainings are not free for them. They are investing dollars and hours in their craft to better serve you. If you don't want to pay a coach, you can buy the courses yourself (still compensation for someone's valuable time and efforts) and spend hours of your own valuable time to develop your own plan, which may or may not have the finishing touches and short cuts that the experience of a coach can provide. How valuable is your time? What is your success worth to you?

So to sum it all up… YOU ARE WORTHY TO BE PAID! Your time and talents are as valuable as any tangible good so you should absolutely be paid for your exchange.

If you received value from this post, it's yours for free.  I just ask that you share the information with someone else.

Peace and Love.

P. S.

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