Most marketers lead with their business opportunity and product or service.  This method is not a good match for industries that are based on people.  People buy from people. And attraction marketing, in a nutshell, is advertising/or promotion that attracts prospects to you that already want you have to offer. In attraction marketing the focus is the prospects.  What do they need? Why do they need it?  What are their deepest problems that your opportunity, product, or service can solve?

It's not about how great what we have is. In all honesty, no one cares.

Someone that uses attraction marketing simply does one thing…


What constitutes “value”?  Value is information.  Information that solves some sort of problem or addresses an issue that benefits your prospects.  Are you adding to your prospect life in any way?

People are attracted to people that add value to them in one way or another.  It's the difference in buying fresh fruit from Market A and Market B.  Market A is your neighborhood mom and pop market where the owners tell you which fruits are in season now and quick recipes they've tried with them.  Market B is your typical supermarket where you buy fruit from all over the world.

There's nothing wrong with Market B but I, like many people, prefer to spend my money with people that go that extra mile.

If you become the marketer that's going that extra mile, delivering value, solving problems, adding to your prospects' life experience, you become their go to person.

When the time comes to buy, you are the person that comes to mind. They know, like, and trust you.  Now they are comfortable buying from you.

Hence, attraction marketing.

P. S.

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