My journey to this amazing life started in the heart of North Carolina.  I received a Bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and sat on it for 5 years before I decided to stop fighting destiny and get in the classroom. I taught high school Math for a few years then “retired” to the big city of Baltimore, MD to be a full- time mom and wife.

Currently, I spend my days in the dance studio, on the soccer field, the football field, homeschooling my two superstars, and on the internet studying and writing this blog.  I am also a business owner, network marketer, and affiliate coach living life to the fullest.  I serve as a mentor to business owners that wish toTakia D. Hansley build an online presence and establish an effective marketing strategy in today's social media arena.

I also use my energy to inspire others to build a mindset of prosperity and manifestation to live the life of their dreams.