Marketing can sometimes seem to be this serious, mysterious task that involves all sorts of mind tricks and NLP hacks.  That's all cool, but honestly, there are 7 pillars of marketing…. SEVEN.

Each pillar, of course can be delved into quite deeply, but today I want to give you the general idea of each pillar.

7 Pillars of Marketing 

  1. Big Claim/Promise

Why should they listen to your whole presentation, read your whole posts, or watch your entire video?

2.  Challenge / Problem

Why are they struggling and not successful?  State the problem they have and what will happen if they don't fix the problem.

3.  Us vs. Them

Because people don't like to take responsibility for their problems, you get to create  a villain in their situation.  Now, you show that you are on their side fighting the enemy. It's the enemy's fault that they have a problem, but you can help.  For example, if someone has tax problems and starting an independent business with itemized deductions (your mlm) can help, you blame Uncle Sam.

4.  Credibility.

Why are you qualified to help them?  Share your story.   Have you struggled with the same problem?  Why are you the expert?  How much training have you had?

5.  The time is NOW!!

Focus on why now is the right time.  You might forget later.  Create scarcity and urgency.  Ex. The sale ends in 48 hours; I can only work with x amount of people.

6.  Objection killing.

Your prospects must believe the problem can be fixed and that you can fix it.  You can do this by answering their questions before they even ask them.  If you come up with the objections and rebut them before they even have time to come up with them, you prove to be the hero they are looking for.

7.  Call to action.

Most of the time prospects don't buy simply because you don't tell them to.   Always have a strong call to action.  People need to know what to do next.  You can not be afraid to ask for the sale.

These are the fundamental keys of marketing.  If you implement these tactics into your content, you will do well with your marketing.

Peace and love.

P. S.

I use these pillars of marketing along with various strategies taught in my marketing community.  For more solutions to your marketing problems that can get you more leads, mores sales, and more signups in your business, join our community here.

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