I can't even warm you up to this… We made cupcakes in 10 minutes!!! … And they are awesome!!! Yes. You read that right. We made DELICIOUS 10 minute cupcakes.

I'll start with a little backstory… Baking is my jam! My 8 year old daughter loves baking too. We do birthday cakes, cupcakes, muffins, brownies, cookies, and puddings… typical family baking.  I've become less hands on with the baking these days because the kids have learned measurements in our homeschool lessons. Basically, I just handle the oven.  Now that my mother-in-law has gifted them with the best gift ever, I hardly even have to help at all!

The Holstein Cupcake Maker has just become our family's new favorite kitchen appliance. (My personal favorite is my electric pressure cooker though 😉 )

Our 10 Minute Cupcakes

After dance camp yesterday, I pulled out the boxed cake mix and store bought whipped icing. The kids gathered the other ingredients and got to work. As they mixed the batter, I plugged up the cupcake maker to preheat. It has an indicator light that takes about 5 minutes to switch from red to green . I personally think they could've put a little more design effort into the lights. At times we couldn't tell which light was lit because they both appeared to be lit.

The warming plates are already nonstick, but it's recommended to use cooking spray to preserve the quality. Because we used cupcake liners, I only sprayed the top.20170725_165650

We filled most of the cupcake liners about 3/4 to the top as I would if using the oven.  A couple we filled to the top. I was just being cautious because the instructions actually tell you to fill but not overfill. It turns out the instructions were right…. who would've thunk it!

You can tell in the picture the darker ones were the ones that were filled to the top. They're not burnt, just cake brown.

The instructions said to close the lid for cooking for 7 – 10 minutes which I thought was a wide range. So we set an 8 – minute timer with Alexa, the Amazon Echo Dot. At 8 minutes, the toothpick test determined they weren't quite done. However, after another 2 minutes, the 1st dozen were perfect! With that one box of cake mix, we made a total of 18 cupcakes!

20170725_174914And there you have it.  Delicious cupcakes in 10 minutes!!

Kid baked. Kid decorated. Kid APPROVED.

Every activity can be a homeschool activity. Baking cupcakes is Math, Reading, Health, and Life Skills.


Update:  Over the weekend, we made Banana Bread Muffins IN 10 MINUTES! Because Banana Bread usually takes 50 minutes in a conventional over, I totally expected the muffins to require 20 – 25 minutes in the cupcake Banana Bread Muffinsmaker… WRONG! They were ready in 10 minutes! Some were even a tad too dark as you can see below. To half we added strawberries We also used vegetable oil instead of butter and added a dash of cinnamon to the banana bread recipe which made a dozen muffins). All were delicious!

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